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Simplify your counting tasks

Counting stationary piles of items or moving objects can be tedious and prone to human error. And recounting for verification only adds to the frustration.

Now, you can automate these counting tasks with software that does the counting for you.
Our counting solutions can be used for stationary stacks of items or moving objects.

Automate everyday counting tasks using off-the-shelf ready-made apps to count things from photos. When it comes to your unique counting needs not available with our off-the-shelf apps, try our custom counting software.



Automate everyday counting tasks at the touch of a button using ready-made app that count things from photos.
With the CountThings from Photos app, each object is tagged with a number so you can verify and document the results for your records.
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To count items not covered by our standard apps, we can tailor a solution to your specific counting needs with custom counting software.

Simply provide us with sample photos or videos of what you want to count. We’ll assess the feasibility and cost of providing you with a custom software solution using Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies.
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